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Rug Design

In 2021 my husband and I made a life changing decision which resulted in us shifting from our victorian bluestone homestead into a contemporary light filled home by the sea.This shift gave me the opportunity to create a fresh start in redefining the space within our new home. I wanted our home to be inviting, and full of artist energy and life. Standing in our front foyer and looking into the house I could imagine the butterfly koi fish that I had recently painted swimming up the hallway and inviting people in.

I reached out to Designer Rugs who were just amazing. My collaboration with them allowed the idea to become a reality and around six months later the Koi Fish came to life on two beautiful rugs in our hallway. The round circular rug in the foyer reminds me of a large pond that leads into the hallway rug which is like a long stream. The fish swim gracefully from one rug to the other bringing life into the house.

The rugs were customised in size and the vibrant colours of my painted palette were wonderfully matched into the wool by Designer Rugs. The rugs are hand tufted in New Zealand wool and bamboo. The bamboo has a soft silky feel and shimmers when the light catches it.

There are more spaces in our home that need that same exciting energy and so I am looking forward in seeing what comes next.

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